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Richard Wershe, who was known on the streets as "White Boy Rick," could be released from prison by mid-August, although he also has another sentence pending in Florida. "I can't take it back." Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy had opposed parole in the past but took a neutral stance during the latest round.

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"I've got the best birthday gift in the world," Wershe, who turns 48 next week, told WDIV-TV. The actor Matthew Mc Conaughey visited Wershe in March.

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Wershe had worked as an FBI informant and reported corrupt Detroit police officers but wasn't given leniency. "I know that the drugs I sold destroyed people's lives," Wershe told the parole board in June.

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Ex-Fort Carson soldier sentenced to 26 years prison for tryst slaying.

Police said Wershe had stashed nearly $30,000 and about 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of the drug.Instagram dating app - Encanto

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